Emma discovered hooping in 2007 while she doing her PhD. She hung up her lab coat in 2010 and took the leap into full time hooping. Now she is a hugely experienced teacher and is known internationally as a master of wedgies and twin hoops. Emma is now based predominately out of Bath and Corby in the UK, TADAH in Turkey and Bali Indonesia. 

Emma has since had the opportunity to learn from and play with some of the world’s leading hoopers during her travels around the world. Emma’s combination of high technical expertise, extensive teaching experience, enthusiasm for sharing and love of laughter make her hard to forget! 



C-Section (aka Chris Gogler) is a Hoop Dancer originally from Australia. With a background and some formal training in ballet and contemporary dance, Chris stumbled across hooping years ago and has been hooked ever since. His style is unique, combining elements of dance with object manipulation and burlesque.

C-Section tells romantic and fantastic stories through movement with a healthy dose of cheekiness and sass. 

C-Section now lives in Berlin and has taught at hoop events and conventions across Europe.



Lila Chupa-Hoops started her hoop journey 8 years ago in Paris and it has been more than 5 years that she decided to quit her job to live the full experience as a hoop artist and teacher. 

Self taught, she built a diverse repertoire of performances, including emblematic vintage circusy acts that she plays all over Europe, and she mixes her circus skills to the traditional pin-up strip.

Burlesque has been the starting point of her career, but that's not all! Inspired by flowarts in general, Lila is attached to a rather technical style and working on various combos from 1 to 6 hoops as well as manipulating a wide range of objects like fans, dragonstaff and whips.